Acceptable Use Policy

What this is about

Like any business we have certain things we don’t want to be done with our equipment and platform. As a socially responsible company we want to protect others from harm caused by abusive behaviour on our platform, and we want to make sure we aren’t providing services to criminal or otherwise immoral activities. Our Acceptable Use Policy outlines what you cannot do with our services. From time to time we may amend this policy to cover new activities or respond to new laws and regulations. This policy forms an integral part of our Terms of Service - if you breach it, we may terminate your services.


Spamming is the unsolicited, mass, contact of individuals for marketing purposes. This can include, but is not limited to, activities like sending out bulk emails and spammy linking in chatrooms in social media. Such activity can breach existing privacy legislation, is annoying for the receiver and can damage our reputation as a physical source of these activities. Please advertise your activities responsibly. We may terminate spammers at our discretion without notice if we receive reports of spammy behaviour.

Illegal Activities

You may not use our services for anything illegal. This includes, but is not limited to, advertising, promoting, or transmitting Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, fraud, cryptocurrency schemes, pirating software, and fraudulently acquiring financial information. You are not allowed to use pirated software on our servers. We may forward details of offenders to the relevant authorities if we find evidence of illegal activities on our servers and terminate your account without any prior notice.

Running a forum, chatroom or "interactive media"

You are perfectly allowed to run a forum, chatroom, social media, comment section or other “interactive media.” We understand that from time to time interactive media can have situations with their users that can result in breach of this policy. You are required to ensure good moderation practices are followed on your interactive media. Your interactive media should not be a safe haven for abusive and illegal activity and should not allow the breach of this Acceptable Use Policy. If we find an interactive media is breaching our policies and is not following good moderation practices, we may suspend your account without notice and give you a chance to resolve the issue – if the issue is not resolved we may terminate your account.

Intellectual Property

Activities which infringe on others intellectual property are forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to, misappropriating trademarks, copywritten material, photographs, artworks, designs and patents. We are required by law to block access to material for which we have received a proper legal notice from the intellectual property owner, and we will do so. We will terminate the accounts of individuals who repeatedly violate the intellectual property of others.

Forging of Headers

It is forbidden to forge headers or masquerade your services in such a way as to hide their origin. This is a common tactic used by spammers and if we detect it we will suspend your account.

Law Enforcement and Data Under Restriction

We do not own your data and we will not be held responsible for information you host on our servers. We will always ensure due process is followed, but there are numerous situations we may receive requests from law enforcement for data and we may be required to provide law enforcement with information about you, your account and information you host with us. Similarly, it is forbidden to transfer data and activities to our platform which you know to be under investigation or legally restricted – this might include data acquired from corporate espionage, private legal proceedings and any other protected data.

Abusive Behaviour

We will not tolerate abuse of our staff. If you act in an abusive, harassing or threatening manner towards our staff we may suspend or terminate your services.

Obscene/Hateful Speech and Material

The courts and laws of many countries determine certain types of speech and material to be obscene, hateful and or otherwise described as illegal. Such material can include discriminatory content, certain types of pornography, hate speech, advocating the harming of others and spreading lies and disinformation intended to damage the reputation of groups of people. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your services when we have evidence that hateful or obscene content is being hosted on our servers. If we determine the content to be sufficiently serious (such as in the case of child pornography) we may forward your details onto the relevant authorities.

Damaging Activities

It is forbidden to distribute harmful software (viruses, trojans, rootkits etcetera) or otherwise use our services to attack computer networks, businesses or other services. Additionally, you should not use our servers to probe, scan or otherwise intrude on other networks. These are practices commonly referred to as “hacking” and distributing “malware.” We will suspend or terminate your account if you are found to be hacking or distributing malware.

Unauthorised Access

You are not to access or attempt to access, damage or disrupt our network without our permission. Doing so may result in an IP ban, service termination or and reporting your activities to the relevant authorities.

Fair Use

We have several prohibitions to ensure that your activities do not negatively impact on other service users:

  • 1. Unless you have received permission, we do not allow you to run a file sharing service, video streaming service or other high-bandwidth service.
  • 2. Unless VPS or Dedicated customer, any service which uses more than 5% of a servers available computing power, for example CGI Scripts or intensive PHP programs.
  • 3. Unless VPS or Dedicated customer, any unattended server processes managed by Daemons, for example Internet Relay Chat Daemon.
  • 4. Run any torrent filesharing client or seed.
  • 5. Unless VPS or Dedicated customer with permission (speak to support), run gaming servers.
  • 6. Unless VPS or Dedicated customer, give away webspace under your domain.
  • 7. Use our services as a remote backup solution – please speak to support if you have this need as we can recommend solutions.
  • 8. Unless your service has been designated as a reseller, reselling our services.
  • 9. Running a relay, proxy or other service which can be used to conceal the services true origin.
  • 10. Any other activity which in our opinion negatively impacts on other customers or our network.

We reserve the right to suspend services breaching our Acceptable Use Policy without notice.


From time to time we may alter this Acceptable Use Policy and notice will be posted here.

This policy was last amended 9th May 2018.

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