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.mt is the top level domain for the Republic of Malta, an island nation in the middle of the Mediterranean, and member state of the European Union. Having a .mt domain is a great opportunity for local and international companies to signal to Maltese customers that they offer their services or products on the Maltese market. Having a country level domain looks professional and lends local credibility to any site.

About .MT Domains

  • Who can register a .mt domain?
    The requirements to register a .mt domain are that you 1) be the person or legal entity who will actually be using the domain name 2) do not infringe upon others trademarks or intellectual property rights, or infringe upon other third party rights 3) will not use the domain for illegal or unlawful purposes. It is not a requirement that you be established in Malta, so non-maltese residents can register a .mt domain. Additionally, you should be aware of the preferential registration period also explained in this FAQ.
  • How long does registration of a .mt domain take?
    We endeavor to register the domain as soon as possible after your order, but you should allow up to five days to one week for us to complete your registration. In some cases, it may take longer. Unfortunately, we cannot provision .mt domains automatically at this time. The domain registry may require you, the registrant, to sign and return scanned documents by email to comply with their terms and conditions; we will help through this process and guide you through making your domain usable.
  • Why register a .mt domain?
    You will want to register a .mt domain for lots of reasons. There is an SEO benefit if you are localizing your website for Maltese audiences. You may want to protect your brand in Malta. You may want to clearly mark your website as being a Maltese website. You may be a Maltese business, organization or person and demonstrate your commitment to your location. Additionally, it will be easier to get an important word registered as a .mt domain because many important words are already registered on popular top-level-domain like .com or .net.
  • How much does it cost to register a .mt domain?
    We charge €39.99 + VAT to register a .mt domain for one year. We are not responsible for the bulk of the price of registering a .mt domain and work to keep our prices competitive.
  • IMPORTANT: preferential registration period.
    Many organizations registered domains at the 3rd level:,, etcetera (e.g prior to the availability of second level registrations under .mt ( Entities which already own 3rd level registration have preferential rights to the corresponding .mt until 30 November 2020. When you attempt to register a domain name with us, we will check that it is not conflicted with another registration or that you are the registrant. Whilst we expect most domain registrations to not be problematic, we may have to cancel your registration and refund you, or advise you to choose another domain name, if your registration conflicts with another under this rule. If you require any clarifications, don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • DNS Management / How can I link .mt to my webhosting?
    If you are our hosting customer, we will make sure your .mt domain points at your website and email for free. If you are not a hosting customer with us or have more advanced technical requirements we have two options: 1) we can point your domain at your nameservers so you can manage its DNS records directly, or 2) if you are not technically able to you can buy DNS management from us for an additional €10+VAT per year; we will then manage your DNS records for you.

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