An SLA means “Service Level Agreement” and it details what to expect from us in terms of uptime and general quality of our hosting. We guarantee availability of hosting to 100% of the time with a few exceptions detailed below.

If we fail to meet that standard, we’ll credit your account with the amounts shown below as a percentage of your monthly hosting fees.

Downtime Credit
99.99%-99.5% 10%
99.49%-99.0% 30%
98.99%-95% 50%
94.99% or less 100%

Certain things are out of our control, including the general health of internet exchange points, natural disasters and negligence on your part. Triangulum is not responsible for these and so they are not covered by our SLA. Here is a list of exceptions:

  • • Faults caused by intermediary networks and external networks.
  • • Any customer misuse of our hosting platform including but not limited to, negligence, improper installation and/or use of software and/or abuse or overuse of hardware resources.
  • • Downtime caused by Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and/or other unlawful activity.
  • • Scheduled maintenance and downtime necessary to upgrade, maintain or support our hardware and its network.
Claiming your SLA Credit

Simply email us or open a support ticket with the title “SLA Credit Claim” within one week of the outage and asking for a credit proportionate to the policy above. We’ll then investigate and credit your account within 48 hours.

Business Critical Applications

Some customers may have told us their applications or websites are business critical and we may have decided to offer a more extensive SLA. If you are one of these customers and have been issued with your own SLA for a specific service, that agreement will override this agreement.

Suspension of service

We reserve the right to suspend our customers services if they’re negatively impacting on other customers, our business or breach terms of service. If we suspend your services, we will email you to resolve the issue and may re-activate your services after the problem is fixed, at our own discretion. These types of suspensions are not covered by our SLA.

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